Mozart and Salieri meet Zanetto

This double bill, produced by Bel Canto Arts and conducted by Ronen Nissan brought together two short operas: “Mozart and Salieri” by Rimsky Korsakov, and “Zanetto” by Mascagni. Both operas evolve around an encounter between a young free-spirited artist (Mozart and Zanetto respectively)  and an older companion, Silvia in Mascagni’s opera and Salieri in Rimsky Korskavov’s. 

Performances at the Billroth House, Vienna, May 2022. 

The Israeli conductor Ronen Nissan, who also arranged the orchestral parts of the two works for a 15-piece chamber orchestra himself, conducted the highly motivated BelCanto Arts Orchestra. With great musicality and a self-confident conducting style, he elicited fine sounds from the orchestra in the solo passages and led through the choral passages with great sensitivity. Together with the soloist ensemble, he provided a finely nuanced and musically colorful evening.